Envision a brighter future

Highest Returns

15-50% return on investment

Investors are key to the Kloud Token ecosystem


No more worrying about price fluctuations

Get value for your money

Unparalleled Traceability

Every token is as unique as you are

Protect your assets


Interest-free financial platform

Equity and fairness in all transactions

Universal Currency

Powering global trade

One of the most secure currencies

Global Inclusivity

Global ecosystem for sustainable development

Equal opportunity for all

Betterment of Humanity

Closing the digital divide

Ubiquitous access to electronic trade

Financial Peace of Mind

Your money is safe and secure

Fully insured currency assets


An ecosystem of sustainable entities that seamlessly integrate innovative blockchain technology

Kloud Token represents a program of closely interrelated projects to not only solidify the crypto currency industry, but to also aid in sustainable global development of societies, giving equal opportunity to the world by enabling trade as a basic human right.


The Kloud Token Philosophy

is focused on the upliftment of humanity, bringing new levels of equity across the world, and a wealth of new opportunity for generations to come.


The Kloud Token Ecosystem

allows a vast number of industries to operate synergistically and sustainably.

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Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders form a critical mass within the Kloud Token ecosystem.  We have something exciting for everyone…no exclusions!

Get 15-50x Return on Investment

Unparalleled performance and sustainability


Earn $10k Monthly for the next 50 Years

Reuse your mining hardware


20% ‘Cash Back’ on all purchases 

Peace of Mind – fully insured Tokens


Sign up for 1000 Tokens FREE

Expand into new markets globally


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50-Year Roadmap

There are lots of exciting  things ahead as we thrive to establish sustainable global development through the use of advanced blockchain technology.  Our plans to rollout eco-friendly and green strategies include minimizing electrical resources used for mining, reuse and renew agenda, increasing the efficiency in real-world blockchain application and a philosophy of humanitarian upliftment.   

Whether it’s 15-50x ROI for our investors, $10K per month for our miners over the next 50 years, ‘cash back’ for purchases using our currency, or exchange of other cryptos for more secure and fully insured Kloud Token currency, all stakeholders on our platform are poised to benefit in unprecedented ways.   

With a focus on the developent of humanity, the Kloud Token ecosystem encompasses more than just a crypto/blockchain project and includes sustainable development with global scope, charity and outreach programs, partnership with regulators and international law enforcement for your protection and many more strategies you are sure to love and embrace.   

As part of oru charity program, Kloud Token plans to disburse substantial donations to charities all over the world, every single day over the 50-year span of the project.  Our dedication to global context for maximum inclusion will see advanecment in technology infrastructures especially in developing nations where several constraints exist today.   


Return on Investment


Monthly Per Miner


Unique Tokens

Currency of the Future

Through a 50-year strategic period, Kloud Token provides the platform that utilizes a holistic approach to unify global trade.  With seamlessly integrated ecosystem of global span, this speculation-free crypto currency enables a vehicle for global development and advancement while harmonizing crypto currency with mainstream financial world.  

Fully Traceable

Every Kloud Token is unique with its own identify on the network…it’s like having a GPS tracker on every Token you own.

Fully Insured

Unauthorized transactions are fully warranted – Kloud Token will reimburse you while we catch the bad guys…risk-free.


With no hidden agendas, the Kloud Token platform and its components are fully transparent.

Unrivalled Stakeholder Performance

Investors, Consumers, Merchants and Miners each get their fair share and equity.


Through revolutionary strategies, the Kloud Token engine is build to last generations.  

Long-Term Strategy

Stabilization of the Kloud Token assets allows crypto currency to realize is true potential.

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